7 Tips to help you raise a daughter with Healthy Self Worth

Topic: How to teach Your daughter Self Worth


Having a healthy acknowledgment of self worth is critical being a woman. How you see your worth dictates practically every opportunity in your life, professionally and personally. It wasn’t until I became a #GirlMom I realized how I valued my own self worth would impact my daughter. 


If you are reading this, I am willing to bet that your daughter is also your best friend. MINE IS. You also probably know her better than anyone else and love her more than anything in the world, right. That’s me too.


The only thing that would make you happier is if she grows up to be a confident, self-assured woman who knows how valuable she is. This right here… right here, was my sole goal for raising my daughter.


Mama's Girl

Raising a daughter in this day and age is no easy task. You have to prepare her for the world, teach her how to be confident, help her learn about self-worth without being too overbearing. It’s tough but not impossible!  I know this for sure because I DID IT. 


We all know that once you become a mother it’s your job to put yourself last on the priority list because your children take precedence. When I became a momma lion I had all three of my children in my mind first and foremost. However my baby girl, I can’t lie, she got the best of me as a mom and as a woman. She in all honesty became my real life research project. I made it a point to give her everything I felt I needed as a little girl, adolescent, and young lady. I’m more than ecstatic that I did because she is this AMAZING young woman today. 


7 Tips To Help Raise A Daughter Who Knows Her Self Worth

Raising a daughter isn’t always easy but with these 7 tips you will feel more empowered and impactful when it comes to raising a daughter who knows her worth:  



1) Don’t compare her to other girls. “You’re prettier/smarter/better at sports” leaves room for doubt; “I’m so proud of how hard you work!” builds confidence. Encourage the qualities that make her unique. Cause #InRealLife she is 1 in a million. 


2) Teach her to love herself for who she is and not what other people or the world says she is.


3) Encourage her interests and passions. You must be her biggest cheerleader.


4) Help her find a sense of purpose in life – whether it be through volunteering or other means.


5) Acknowledge her accomplishments with praise and encouragement. And on the flip side, encourage her to be confident and proud of her accomplishments herself.


6) Praise her intelligence, creativity, and skills. Again, you must be her biggest cheerleader. 


7) PLEASE.. Let go of the idea that she will need a man to validate her self worth. A partner will add to her, not develop her. Her development is in your hands as you raise her.



Model To Mentor

You are the only woman in her life and as such, she will look up to you more than anyone else – this means that what you say and do matters! You’re not just her parent. You’re also her model and mentor, so it’s important to be the kind of woman she should emulate. Be smart with your words and actions as you educate and empower her to build a life that is full of love, laughter, joy, opportunity, creativity, courage and confidence. It will take all of those things for her to grow up in this world where we are surrounded by mean girls who want nothing more than to see us fail at every turn. Be your daughters model and mentor, not another mean girl she has to overcome.

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