About Our Leader

Cameka LaSha has a B.A in Psychology with a Concentration in Child and Adolescent Behavior. Growing up graduating college was Cameka Lasha’s dream. During her childhood however, Cameka Lasha had encountered a number of adverse childhood experiences (ACE’s) that had the potential to interfere in her accomplishing that dream. From being sexually molested before starting grade school, witnessing domestic violence on various occasions, a mother who has a mental illness, and an alcoholic father; she and her younger brother, who is now deceased, also endured daily physical, verbal, emotional, and mental abuse.


These adverse childhood experiences (ACE’s) were direct contributing factors to Cameka LaSha’s diagnosis of a mental disorder (major depression) in her adult years. After years of struggling with accepting her diagnosis, she graduated college and landed a job as a Qualified Mental Health Professional. It was in this role Cameka LaSha saw herself in each and every one of the adolescent girls assigned to her caseload. The privilege of working with these young ladies finally exposed Cameka LaSha to an answer she had sought most of her life, her Purpose. She recognized that in order to be Effective in helping these young women have a fighting chance in this world, seeing herself in them meant she needed to Acknowledge her mental and emotional disorder, take Accountability in taking the necessary steps for treatment to Access the power within in order to be an Affective model for change.


During this time of intensive treatment the FASTell Girl Model2Mentor Program was developed.

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