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FASTELL Girl Model2Mentor Program is a nonprofit organization that provides programs and skills training in behavioral/emotional management, lifestyle, and education for at risk adolescent girls and young adult women in Dallas, Texas and surrounding areas.​​​

Our goal is to identify and partner with adolescent girls and young adult women who are on the path of a destructive transition into adulthood and influence an overall healthy well being in our clients lives by equipping them with proven results driven behavior and life skills program that supports their creativity, encourages self confidence, pro-social relationships, academic, and personal development to reassert a sense of hope for their future. Confidence, pro-social relationships, and academic success enables self worth and growth that establishes a healthy foundation for young people to be self sufficient into adulthood with a sense of purpose.

In advocating for the total well being of at-risk, underserved, and underprivileged young adult women in our community FASTell Girl Model2Mentor Program firmly believes that the implementation of the B.E.T System (Behavior & Life Skills Training, Exposure and Experience through mentoring, and Tutoring in core academic subjects) will build resilience against traumatic struggles by equipping these young women with tools they deserve to thrive.

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