Bishop Jakes Relinquishes Women Empowerment Movement to Daughter

Topic: Kingdom Building

In my mind this is the conversation Bishop Jakes had with his daughter, Sarah Jakes Roberts,  as he prepared to relinquish the women empowerment movement into her care.



Your tone is more soothing, your story mirrors so many, and you look like them, you don’t trigger them. To build the kingdom, we need a successor who can reach those women who are needed to fight this battle. While I go over here and tend to the wounds of those who’s heartbeat I know. Those men who are also needed for us to win this fight. You heal the hearts that mirror yours, while I heal the hearts that mirror mine. Then we have balance in the battle.”

Next Generation of women Empowerment

As slumber comes upon Woman Thou Art Loose (WTAL), a women empowerment movement started by mega preacher Bishop T.D. Jakes, the rising of Woman Evolve ascends. Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts started a movement with the launching of her New York Times bestseller book Woman Evolve. This prelaunch built a Facebook community of over 4,000 women. Woman Evolve was written to awaken the hearts of the hurt little girl in most of us.  The momentum from that book has evolved into what is now an annual conference. 


2022 WTAL Conference was marketed as the last showcase of Bishop Jakes annual women’s conference. It wasn’t until the closing of the conference that participants knew why. Bishop named his daughter Sarah as his successor over the women empowerment initiatives brought forth by his church, The Potter’s House.



Great Leaders know when to let go

This comes just months after bishop Jakes was criticized on social media for a Father’s Day sermon where it seemed he was scolding black women for their masculine behavior. The Bishop’s electrifying chastisement of women in a small clip had the saints and the sinners of the modern black woman on defense. Even I. 


It wasn’t until I went and watched the entire sermon I realized his statements were taken out of context. Rightfully so without the full sermon. However, I’ve been under the Bishop’s leadership for over 17 years, and I’ve learned to examine the intent in some of his statements. 



Bishop Jakes is a black man from the south that comes from a long line of Christine doctrine. Black Christian doctrine at that. He’s also from an entirely different generation. Everything he comes from has some form of prejudice towards women: Christian, a man, a black man, and a black man from the south. 



Bishop passing the torch of women empowerment over to his daughter who has gained success in attracting the hearts and awakening the spirits of so many wounded women is the reason why he’s the bishop of our culture.

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