Black Women Are Behind the Veil of Cultural Betrayal

Cultural Betrayal In Black America

The More I Read The More I Know

Cultural betrayal in Black America is a trauma suffered by many with little to no acknowledgment. Oprah Winfrey is a pinnacle of perseverance, work ethic, and faith to many. However, #ComingFromWhereImFrom she embodies the mold of what is needed to endure what comes with being a black woman.  She was chastised by the black community for working on a documentary about Russell Simmons’s sexual harassment claim. Soon after her best friend Gayle King questioned and made insensitive remarks regarding Kobe Bryant’s sex trial during an interview with Lisa Leslie.  It mattered nothing that these women contributed to the black community in such a powerful way across genders. Them speaking out about a black man was all it took for black people to disregard and disrespect both women. 

Oprah and Gayle

Poetic asked my thoughts on the Gayle interview. Of course, I agreed the question she posed to Lisa Leslie was insensitive. However, the backlash for her being human and making a mistake was uncalled for.  He didn’t agree. In fact, Poetic stated he felt that not only did Gayle and Oprah deserve to be called out, not disrespected-(his exact words), their mistreatment was valid. He went on to say that the two of them seem to always have it out for black men. But give white men as Harvey Weinstein passes because of how deep their pockets are. 


I am not one to take away from another’s perspective. If black men feel as though Oprah and Gayle come for them more than they do “others”,  something is driving that perspective. My theory though is that black men have an issue with Oprah and Gayle because of the accountability they garner from black men. Accountability that rarely gets acknowledged within the black community simply because they are black men.


 I ask Poetic, Have you considered that maybe the experiences these women had with black men could possibly be the reason they “come” for black men the way you perceive?”


He answered, of course, he hadn’t. He even took into consideration that probably none of the black men he had these conversations with have either.

What Is CuLTural Betrayal

Membership in a cultural minority may worsen the psychological symptoms associated with trauma if the perpetrator and victim are of the same cultural minority. ~ Jennifer Gomez

What if Oprah and Gayle just see these men on a broader spectrum than how we “traditionally” see our black men? Traditionally we have been taught to always be the backbone and stand 10 toes down for black men. We have been conditioned to see the black man as:


  • Disadvantaged to the white man
  • Disadvantaged to America’s judicial system
  • Disadvantaged to the black woman


These are all considered the “black man’s kryptonite”- designed to keep him down. 


But what about those of us like Oprah, like Gayle who see these men just as they are? As men. 


You can’t ask those questions to a black man. 


You can’t do those documentaries on a black man.


You can’t tell what that black man did to you. 


Why not? Because he is a black man? And protecting “our” culture- a culture of secrets, misogyny, incest, child molestation, sexual harassment, and domestic abuse is more valuable to the black community than the future of our little girls and boys who have been hurt by them. Protecting the culture says to that 6-year-old little girl who was molested by her uncle that the family name and keeping the “white” folks out of our business is more important than the life she will be fighting for in her 30s from depression. 

Victimization of Cultural Betrayal

Black culture uses victimization to deflect from dealing with the issue at hand mainly because of who it will affect.  No matter how terrible the offense.  Victimization keeps people in the shadows. Scared to speak their truth because of how they will be seen. It is the epitome of living with your trauma in a constant cycle of being a victim.  


No, Oprah wasn’t victimized by Russell Simmons but she was victimized by more than one black man. Black men that were supposed to be a source of covering and protection for her. Experiences that she had to heal from. And when you have survived something so horrific as rape, you want to empower others to heal by telling their story too.  

The Deadly Truth Of Silence

The graveyard is the richest place on earth, because it is here that you will find all the hopes and dreams that were never fulfilled, the books that were never written, the songs that were never sung, the inventions that were never shared, the cures that were never discovered, all because someone was too afraid to take that first step, keep with the problem, or determined to carry out their dream.”~ Les Brown

This is what cultural betrayal and victimization do. It invests in the economy of death. It quiets the cries of the journalist, the pains of the writer, the articulation of the teacher, and the creativity of the fashion designer. It weakens the spirit and heart of the entrepreneur, wife, and mother into depression, anxiety, and unhealthy behaviors. Then one day that little girl at the age of 25, 30, 35, and 40 finally draws up the courage to say, “I AM MY TRUTH“, -she is a Funky Dog Head B!%h. By again…a man who looks like her. 

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