Daddy's Girl

Topic: Your Own Dad Doesn't Care Anything About You

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I am unsure if he had a schedule of when to remind me that I had no one. Not even my own dad. And he was alive. 


She’s not a Daddy’s Girl? Easy prey. 


“You must be pretty worthless when your dad doesn’t love you.” “You’ll never be nothing ’cause you ain’t nothing.” “I can say whatever I want to say and do whatever I want to you. No one will come to your rescue.” 


He believed every word he said to me with his chest, why? Because my dad not being there for me proved it from his shallow perspective. I was my circumstances. I was what I had come from. But he didn’t know that I was the 1 and not the 2.

Knight and Shining Armor

Who put their hands on you Mecko?” He was stressed TF out. It took a lot of energy out of him to bring himself back into reality and out of his feelings. I wasn’t his girl anymore. At the time I was just an old friend. The spaghetti strap sundress was an intentional wardrobe choice. The agenda was to keep his eyes on every inch of me. However, I didn’t expect him to see a bruise on me that I didn’t even know existed. Him showing that he cared, had me doing the “walk of shame” the following morning. 


My dad never stood up for me when someone wronged or hurt me. Frog did. Instead, my biological dad broke bread with, did business with, ate with, and drank with men who hurt me. The little girl in me wants to believe that her psychological dad would never. But the experienced woman that I am today knows that some things are just mental.



Daddy's Girl

Some dads have broken their daughter’s hearts by missing a dance recital. Both my biological and psychological dad broke my heart from fucking some chick. Bio-dad stayed in the streets. I rarely have any memory of him during the time I was being abused the most. One can only assume because of his known history, that more than likely means he was out drinking and partying. Psycho-dad had more girls than the scouts. But he made time for me. Although I spent most of that time bent over some type of furniture, it was still time. Time, that the little girl in me needed. Time, that she would’ve done anything for.





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