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Did you know that you needed to heal? I didn’t. In all honesty, I never even heard of healing. From my understanding healing meant that there was an actual physical wound to the body that needed to be stitched or stapled back together. Or perhaps a medical illness that needed a prescription. But never had I heard of needing to heal from being told something negative by a caregiver, any form of abuse, or due to societal systems. 


Coming from where I’m from, abuse, belittlement, and degradation is just a way of life. Nothing that requires a stitch, staple, or antibiotic. This is why, from my perspective, people who come from where I am from, suffer in pain for so many generations. Because trauma has been conditioned to be a norm, and healing is something rarely, if ever, talked about. 

A Threefold Method

Healing is defined as making or becoming sound or healthy again. Again. That’s where I would like for us to focus. Again. So many of us have suffered in silence for so long that we don’t recall a time when we were once whole and healthy. I know I did. I didn’t know that there was an ointment for my negative self-talk, for my self-doubt, low self-esteem, low self-worth, and lack of value. I didn’t know there was an ointment for my pain because I truly believed my pain was my story. That my pain was normal. 


It wasn’t until I stepped outside of the conditions of my pain; people and environment, that I learned that healing existed for the type of injuries I sustained. To be honest, what attracted me to step outside of what I knew, was that I wanted what others had. Peace, love, and protection. 


During my journey, I discovered something else about healing. I learned that when you come from what I come from, healing is threefold; Mind, Body, & Spirit. Some things in life we endure don’t just affect us mentally, but also affect us emotionally and even spiritually. Trauma distorts the one area of our make-up that speaks to every area within our being, and that is our brain. 


Threefold Therapy

When I was first diagnosed with Bipolar 2 disorder I didn’t have the energy to be distraught. In fact, behind all the shame there was a relief. The relief was in the fact that contrary to what society believes, even more so with this diagnosis, I wasn’t crazy.  Not only was I not crazy but treatment for what I was experiencing also existed. What I was living in wasn’t normal. 


2022 marks 10 years since I watched the psychiatrist write Bipolar 2, life-long illness, on the yellow medical form. Over the course of this decade, I was prescribed many different medications to balance out the chemicals in my brain. I can’t imagine the number of couches I sat on to find the right therapist. Or the sermons I sat through. Neither am I able to count the number of miles I walked, weights I lifted, and foods I limited. All -in- all not one alone was the sole soothing force behind my healing. It took attention to the ailing in each and every area of my being, Mind, Body, & Spirit, to unburden the weight of my pains. 

5 Traits to Recognize if you need healing

Far too many people in this world are operating out of their hurts and pains. Not realizing there is a refuge on the other side of it. We aren’t aware of it, because we watched others before us live in the same pain. Here are 5 behavior traits that if identified, may mean you need to heal. 


  • You are easily angered and irritated. My mind was boggled when I learned my anger was a sadness that had disguised itself as a form of protection. 
  • You neglect your feelings for the greater good of the clan. This clan can be family, most of the time, or any community or group you’re affiliated with. I’ve watched so many women in my family neglect their hearts, spirits, and womanhood, to appease the masses of what a “loving” family structure is. I’ve also watched so many black women do the exact same when it comes to black men within the eyes of white America. 
  • Depression isn’t a visitor, but it has come into your life with a pillow and a blanket. It was my depression that lead me to heal. Even though I didn’t fully understand depression, I knew how I was functioning wasn’t working. 
  • Weed, pills, and/or alcohol are your daily medicinal concoctions to manage what comes with living in your world. 
  • You isolate. I know what it means to protect your energy because I know what it cost to attain this beautiful energy. However, we were created to be in relationship with one another, Building a wall instead of establishing boundaries is a direct cause of concern. WHY? Because when left to our own understanding we begin to analyze life solely out of our one-sided experience. 

Meet the Blogger

Cameka LaSha is a Qualified Mental Health Professional, Behavior Management Counselor, & Certified Belief Therapist. She is a survivor of childhood trauma, relationship trauma, and unhealthy behaviors associated with major depression. Founder of FASTell Girl Model2Mentor Program, a federally recognized 501c3, Cameka LaSha continually demonstrates her passion and purpose to empower ALL girls and women with the tools and skills they need to ACCESS a higher quality of life. 

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