How To Identify Depression In Your Adolescent or Teen

Topic: Depression in Adolescents and Teens

A couple of weeks ago I escorted my youngest son to the funeral of someone he affectionately describes as, his first real friend. A teenage young man who was always smiling and happy. Not ever showing signs of being depressed. 


Immersed in tears, he went to his first real friend’s social media accounts. As we both scanned his first real friend’s account, my heart hurt for my baby. But my heart was in pain for his friend. What caught my attention right off the bat was his first real friend’s profile pic. His profile pic was a pic of him not really showing his face. And then I noticed zero posts, only a handful of follows, but following a ton of people.


Depression In Adolescents and Teens

Depression in adolescents and teens shows itself in the typical signs and symptoms of depression. However, society has for generations associated these behaviors with hormones. We don’t see depression in a lack of energy and no desire to do anything, we see laziness. We don’t see anxiety when avoiding confrontation or being seen, we see coward. We don’t see hopelessness and despair in life, we see darkness. We don’t see low self-esteem and a lack of confidence, we see shyness. We don’t see a lack of self-love with bad hygiene, we see just plain nasty. 


For centuries these behaviors were only treated at the surface level for adolescents and teens. Overlooking what perhaps could be deeper wombs. The WHY. Below are some behaviors your adolescent or teen may be displaying and could possibly be signs and/or symptoms of depression.



This is not a medical diagnosis of any manner for depression or anxiety. Any one of these behaviors is cause for someone to check in with the adolescent or teen in their life. 


Look for these signs or symptoms of depression in your adolescent or teen. 


  • They never post on social media but they spend a great deal of their time on social media
  • They post consistently on social media attempting to uphold a false identity or image


  • They isolate. Isolation is beyond being shy around others. It’s staying locked in their room and away from family even when they are at home.


  • Your adolescent or teen uses food to comfort.
  •  OMG, their hygiene is absolutely terrible. 
  • They are not interested in doing ANYTHING. They have no interest in anything. Not even in the things they used to love doing.
  • Your adolescent or teen complains about not being able to sleep at night.
  • They are sleeping entirely too much.
  • Most of the time they have low energy. Everything they do is in slow motion.
  • They are sometimes overly happy. No matter the occasion, they will try to act happier than happy. 
  • Your adolescent or teen is angry and can be overly aggressive. 
  • They can’t take a joke.


My son asked me a few days later, how did I know his first real friend committed suicide. I described to him what I saw in the pictures and how I felt his spirit. Of course, I didn’t know for sure how he had died, but what I did recognize because what I do know is depression. Signs and symptoms.


Mission Forward Model2Mentor

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It is the belief of FASTell Girl that equipping these young ladies with healthy social-emotional learning and mentorship, gives them hope beyond what Adverse Childhood Experiences have shaped their belief system about their lives and themselves.

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