Louisville Corrections Officer Fired 'Nevermind what happened to Breonna Taylor-We killed that bitch"

Cultural Betrayal In Black America

girls need justice

Two years after a group of Louisville Police officers murdered Breonna Taylor, her family is one step closer with hopes of justice being served. In early August 2022 four current and ex-police officers of Louisville were charged with federal civil rights violations in the death of Breonna Taylor. Breonna Taylor was asleep on her couch when Louisville police officers shot rounds of ammunition into the then 26-year-old apartment. As August of 2022 ends, a Louisville corrections officer has been fired over Breonna Taylor comments, not her murder. Tuhran Knight was fired for a viral video of him recording a parody of a recruitment video for the Lousiville Police Department. In the video Knight references the death of Breonna Taylor by stating, “Don’t worry about Breonna Taylor-we killed that bitch.” 


To some Knight is a disgruntled employee using sarcasm as means to shed light on a failed judicial system and privileged working environment. To others, Knight is playing his part as a pick-me black man for white racists. No matter the side, what he did was distasteful and disheartening.

Black mothers cry too

Imagine Breonna Taylor’s mother’s heart when she saw the video. It already hurts to see racist people online coming for your child in death. But to have to endure the same rhetoric from someone that looks like you is a deeper wound. Despite Knight’s motives or intentions, it’s clear that he never considered how his actions would affect that black mother. 


Personally, I don’t know what is more of a concern. The number of black people in the comments commending this man’s behavior because they see him as using sarcasm to take down a corrupt system. Or the fact that this story won’t get as much conversation and push in the black community as did support for R. Kelly and Bill Cosby.

The normalcy of CuLTural Betrayal

Cultural Betrayal of black women has become so common it’s normalized. The constant neglectful and abusive behavioral patterns toward black women by black men are alarming. There is no way to gauge the weight of this problem compared to past times. However, social media has definitely played a major role in allowing a platform for these men to show their true hearts. And also for black women to see just how blatant these black men are with their lack of love. 


To suggest that the behavior of Tuhran Knight was justified in any way adds to the covering the black community has established to protect the black man. That covering is found in the lack of accountability they rarely have to face when concerning black women. “Oh well, it was a bad choice but somebody had to say it.” “Where were the parents?” “Why did they wait until the man is almost dead to say something.” 


All instances where black women were victimized and yet their trauma was deflected to pacify a black man’s behavior. Cultural betrayal at its finest.

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