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Cameka LaSha’s ‘FASTell Girl Presents: Principles of a GEM’ is an enlightening e-book designed to inspire and guide girls and young women who have faced the challenges of tough backgrounds and long-standing family battles. Addressing the significant impact of childhood trauma and domestic abuse, the book critically examines and dissects the deep-rooted belief systems formed from such experiences.

The narrative is rich with personal stories, offering insights into the journey of healing and transformation. It’s a testament to resilience, illustrating how adopting new principles can turn pain into triumph. More than just a collection of stories, this e-book serves as a guide for anyone seeking to break free from the cycles of trauma and to reclaim their strength and potential

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FASTell Girl Presents: Principles of a GEM is a guide to healing from the wounds of  battle that girls coming from where I’m from have to fight. This e-book provides stories to show the scars of the wounds healed from the principles learned and taught through this inspiring story of hope and empowerment.

The life of a fast tail girl can be a life of struggles. Surviving what comes with those struggles doesn’t always come easy. Especially for those who have been positioned on the front line to fight battles their bloodline has been fighting for generations.

From childhood trauma to domestic abuse, the author examines the false belief systems adopted from these experiences to bring about triumph.


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