B.E.T. System

Behavior and Life Skills Training

Behavior and Life Skills Trainining are evidnce based practices that generate long term benefits in psychosocial, psychological, and physical well-being.​

Our “AUNTIES” are qualified professionals that implement these practices through enagaging with our FASTell Girls using the 4 components of behavior skills training; verbal, modeling, role play, and feedback.

Exposure and Environment

Mentorship is a profoundly known concept proven to assist in cultivating strengths, creativity, and innovativeness in developing individuals. Mentors are key in exposing mentees to opportunities, conducive behaviors, and social advancement.

FASTell Girls are matched with community volunteer “Sisters” who are in professions and/or roles that model our mentees educational and career path goals.


Tutoring is an essential component to academic growth in performance. Tutoring has been proven effective in enhancing self esteem, self confidence, and garnering positive attitudes towards school envirnoments.​

“Friends” are skilled and trained tutors that provide academic support to program participates in either a one-on-one or small group setting that aligns with each individuals programs needs and goals.

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