Seeds of Change: Start-Up Your Nonprofit with Creative Confidence

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Start-Up Your Nonprofit with Creative Confidence

When I decided to go all in and start-up my nonprofit, FASTell Girl Model2Mentor Program, confidence was something I definitely lacked. You can only imagine my excitement when the organization was selected to participate in the United Way Social Innovation cohort for 2023–24. Let me tell you, it seemed as if with every successful accomplishment I made in developing the organization, another hurdle presented itself. So, whether it was being awarded a grant or being accepted into an esteemed program as such, I celebrated my wins whenever I could.


At that time, I was under an insane amount of stress working for Services Of Hope, to the point where I almost didn’t complete the application. But when there’s a seed, there’s a way. Something that you will soon understand, as you Start-Up Your Nonprofit.

United in Creativity

I prefer to give myself ample amount of time for grant writing, aiming to finish with 3 to 7 days left before the deadline for thorough review and proofreading at least three times before submission. I do believe I started the application as soon as I discovered the opportunity. However, receiving the reminder email about the deadline left me doubting my capacity to complete it with the original focus and care I had, now diminished by the most dysfunctional and toxic work environment I’ve ever experienced. 

Despite feeling exhausted and defeated, I pushed through to complete the application, choosing to invest my time in FASTell Girl Model2Mentor program, a seed I had planted, rather than the fruitless efforts at my then-job.

Unlocking Creative Confidence: The First Step in Your Nonprofit Journey

My heart skipped a beat when I received the email that FASTell Girl Model2Mentor Program was accepted into the cohort. The United Way, being one of the largest nonprofits in America, presented an extraordinary opportunity for growth and development at the infancy of our journey—an absolute honor. This recognition not only filled me with a sense of honor but also instilled in me a profound sense of responsibility to excel in the tasks God entrusted to me. Being selected for these types of programs truly means you have been CHOSEN.

The concept of creative confidence was introduced in our second session. Creative Confidence is fundamentally a belief system. A belief in your capacity to effect change. It’s the foundation of innovation, defined by its creators as the conviction in your ability to achieve your purpose. This belief was why, between February 6 and April 14, 2023, I was on track to feed more families through Services Of Hope than had been assisted throughout all of 2022. Empathizing with these families each and every event. My heart was filled by the relief we could provide. Driven by this fulfillment, I initiated programs to further aid the City Of Dallas, while at the same time navigating through the lack of structured policies in a toxic work environment.

Empathy at the Heart of Creativity: Fueling Your Mission

Starting a nonprofit begins with a seed—a belief. From this seed sprout systems and designs that nurture growth. This philosophy is central to developing a nonprofit; it’s about maintaining a mindset geared towards design to continually enhance your creative confidence.


As you continue to explore the essence of your impact, remember to stay in a spirit of design to fuel your creative confidence.

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